Ways To Market Your Music Online

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     There are endless ways to market your music online.
Advice is being thrown at you from all directions and all kinds of “experts”.

        But, it’s important to realize that many musicians who’ve had success marketing themselves online have done so in completely opposite ways.
Whatever methods you choose, make sure it is something that works for you and your fan-base.

Offer Free Downloads

   One of the best ways to get people immediately listening to your music is by allowing them to download some of it for free and listen to it on their own time.
Give away a new single, an EP, or even a whole album.
Doing this allows people who are hearing you for the first time, to decide if your music is a good fit for them. If they like what the hear, they may just stick around.

Create Compelling Video

Don’t just focus on creating audio. You should be creating compelling video as well during your creative periods.
Sites like YouTube are great hubs for artists to display their live performances, music videos, tales from the road and more, in order to keep fans engaged.
Remember to create shareable content in order to help your videos spread to even larger audiences.

Write Guest Posts

Writing your own guest posts can be a great way to get some large traffic spikes to your website and convert potential new fans.
To do this, contact blogs that you regularly read and participate in and ask the blogger if they would be interested in a guest post from you.
In your initial email, be sure to pitch a few ideas that have and why your post would be relevant to that particular blog and it’s readers.
       There are countless more ways to market Music online.
Brush up on your music marketing tactics by reading some of the music marketing blogs available online, or head to your local library and check out the numerous books on the subject.
Try to come up with some of your own ideas, or look at other artists marketing campaigns to find out what works for you.

Become a blogger:
Entrepreneurs who blog can reach a new audience by writing in a conversational way and showing the human and personal side of their business, according to William Beutler, senior online analyst for New Media Strategies, a Web 2.0 marketing firm in Arlington,Va.
"Make your industry interesting to people by writing in a conversational manner,"he says."Give people a glimpse into a world they don't know."

Get Paid To Share!

      Beutler believes new businesses can benefit greatly from blogging. "There's still an untapped audience in a lot of industries that are just starting to grow," he says. "You have the potential to establish yourself as an expert in the field just by being the first person to write something interesting about your field.